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Josh Kaplan on Ecommerce, Lean Teams & Actioning Data
By Olivia Holdsworth comment 0 Comments access_time 2 min read

Who is Josh?

Josh Kaplan, CEO of New Republic, is an entrepreneur that has been involved in fashion his whole life. From helping grow Buck Mason into a leading US menswear brand to disrupting the casual sneaker industry with New Republic, his experience is vast. Josh certainly knows a thing or two about succeeding in business.

What is the podcast?

We started the Solve KYC: Know Your Customers podcast to give a behind the scenes look at how some of the best consumer focused entrepreneurs succeed. We’re not just focused on inspiring stories, we want to help share insights and tips of how they’ve built their businesses and ultimately succeed. 

Highlights from the episode

1. Action your data

Josh explains that tailoring customer experiences requires having data on your customers, but that you need to action it to make those sales.

“It’s one thing to have access to your data, it’s another thing to actually do something with it”

2. Count your customer acquisition cost as an overhead

Ecommerce businesses are always spending money on advertising with Facebook and Google. Josh explains that you need to treat this as an ever-present cost.

“Although customer acquisition cost varies, it is always present”

3. Figure out what you’re good at

Josh and his team are designers and photographers, not data scientists. Figure out what should be outsourced and what should be done in house.

“Anything that we are best in class at we will do ourselves”

Interested in actioning your data like New Republic? Please get in touch with us for a chat here.

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