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Éva Goicochea on Community Building, Growth Channels & Copycats
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Who is Éva?

Éva Goicochea, founder and CEO of maude, has created a world class company which is disrupting the sexual wellness industry, and in doing so, breaking glass ceilings and redefining an often ugly and sexist competitive landscape. Her success is evident.

  • One of only 10 Latinx female founders in consumer goods to have raised over $10M
  • Signed Dakota Johnson from 50 Shades of Grey as her co-creative Director
  • And this month helped Sephora launch their new sexual wellness category with Maude as a launch partner. 

Who is Solve?

Solve is the data engine for e-commerce. We are the first real time data warehouse and CDP platform that is owned by the customer as opposed to 3rd party SaaS.

Solve’s team are primarily based in NZ with a mixture of Kiwi and US based founders including Guy Horrocks, Neil Capel and Nick Gundry

We’re working with brands like maude to help them make smarter decisions and accelerate revenue growth through first-party data collection.

Guy Horrocks, Co-Founder of Solve

What is the podcast?

We started the Solve KYC: Know Your Customers podcast to give a behind the scenes look at how some of the best consumer focused entrepreneurs succeed. We’re not just focused on inspiring stories, we want to help share insights and tips of how they’ve built their businesses and ultimately succeed. 

Highlights from the episode

1. Be a mission based company

Éva who has 78,000 followers on Instagram, and previously ran social media and HR for New York online clothing darling Everlane, definitely knows about community building and the role of quality content. 

“It’s not that sexual wellness brands before us were offering terrible product, but they weren’t appealing to the value of their consumer”

2. Do your damn homework

Éva attributes Maude’s success to having conducted extensive market research, leveraging data and ultimately focusing on serving her customers. 

“It’s not about you as the founder, it’s about the industry and the opportunity to serve the customer … just do your damn homework!”

3. Understand your buying cycles

Maude’s customers have an almost even gender split and ranges from ages 21 to above 40, yet their messaging is consistent across cohorts. So what matters to Éva?

“It’s not selling the brand with different terms, it’s just selling at different times. It’s not about changing our messaging per customer cohort, it’s about timing”

Interested in leveraging your data like maude? Please get in touch with us for a chat here.

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